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Chaturvedi Samaj

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Chaturvedi families in Bangalore come together

The number of Chaturvedi families have increased with time in Bangalore. A group of them felt the need to come together to share and enjoy their rich culture together as they do back at home.

The group has thereafter been successful in organising get-togethers and other activities of interest to Chatuvedis at various occasions throughtout the year.

Chaturvedi Samaj has grown in strength in Bangalore, while providing the insight about the city, preserving their traditions, giving opportunity to feel at home, various other comforts that any chaturvedi family expects while making this city their home for whatever reasons or duration.

The group tries to ensure quality information is easily accessible to Chaturvedi families.

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List of Chaturvedis- Bangalore

The Chaturvedi Brahmins, or sometimes just Chaturvedi are an endogamous Brahmin community found mainly in western Uttar Pradesh. A Brahmin family name indicating that the title bearer's forefathers were proficient in all of the four Vedas (including the Vedic branch one is born into).

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