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Chaturvedi Samaj

The Chaturvedi Brahmins, or sometimes just Chaturvedi are an endogamous Brahmin community found mainly in western Uttar Pradesh. A Brahmin family name indicating that the title bearer's forefathers were proficient in all of the four Vedas (including the Vedic branch one is born into).


The origin of Chaturvedi’s goes back to Mathura (a holy land of Lord Krishna). The Land/Bhumi Of Chaturvedi’s and have their majority amongst Chaturvedi’s. Chaturvedi families were residing near Cities like Mathura, Agra and Mainpuri and nearby villages like Chanderpur, Bateshwar, Pinhat, Holipura, Tarsokhar, Kamtari, Sikandarpur etc. Chaturvedi’s are also known as Mathur Chaturvedis. People who belonged to Mathura are known as 'Mathura Ke Choubey'. Among the Mathura ke Choubeys, there is one classification as 'Mithe'(sweet) and another as 'Kadwe'(bitter). In 17th century when Aurangzeb attacked these Chaturvedi families those who remained in Mathura were known as Mithe (Sweet) Chaturvedis or Kulin or kul heen Choubey as they accepted the new Ruler and those who disowned the city and settled in nearby cities like Agra (Pinhaat, Talganv, Holipura, Kamtari villages), DelhiKota, KanpurAllahabadVaranasiLucknow, etc. were known as Kadve (bitter) Chaturvedi’s.

Mithe choubey belong to the group of people who negotiated peace with the Muslim invaders, Kadwe choubeys belong to the group who did not negotiate with the Muslim rulers and chose to fight for their home land by engaging in guerrilla warfare with the invaders and therefore Kadwe (bitter). They set up their own councils in villages near Agra. Other than these two major categories, there are other kind of Chaturvedi's also which include regional Chaturvedi's part of this community as well as Chaturvedi community from West Bengal who are totally different community. Also there is one more sub category which consist of people who knot the ties between Meethey and Kadve Chaturvedi families.

There is one more theory given by communities other than given by Mathur Chaturvedi's. That Mathur Chaturvedi's came from Greece,and are not exactly Chaturvedi's when they came to India. Chaturvedi is an Indian family name (chatur = four, vedi = one who has learned the Vedas).

A Brahmin family name indicating that the title bearer's forefathers were proficient in all of the four Vedas (including the vedic branch one is born into). This was considered a significant achievement and an elevated social status. Legend has it that it takes 16 human lives for one to master the four vedas, the holy books of unlimited knowledge. If one were to master all the vedas in one human life, that was indeed a super human achievement and therefore the title Chaturvedi.

Mathur Chaturvedi’s still have their roots in Mathura and they are all bound together by the Mathur Chaturvedi Mahasabha and usually they have get-togethers that comprise of Chaturvedi’s living in a particular city. Chaturvedi Sabhas (meetings) of Kanpur, Delhi and other cities of UP are famous for the large number of gatherings. Annual Mathur Chaturvedi Mahasbaha (a very large gathering) is held every year in one of city in India and prominent Chaturvedi’s from all over India and other personalities are invited to the meetings.


Like other people of the region (Mathura, Agra, etc.), their dialect of Hindi is best described as Braj, and the area termed BrajBhumi. This group of people who are descendants of a priestly class have also been sometimes called 'Mathura ke Pande'. The language which they speak is called "Brijbhasha".


Being Brahmin, they are strict Vegetarians and usually neither smoke nor drink. Chaturvedi’s are known for their unique traditions among the Brahmins and are usually fair skinned compared to other clans. The strict followers of Chaturvedi traditions don't have onion, garlic either. Present Mathura Chaturvedi's are settling down all over the World. They are doing very good in all fields. You will find many Chaturvedi like, Chartered Accountants, Doctors, Engineers, Architects, Civil Servants, Media Personals and becoming good businessmen and Industrialist. Education level of both Male and Female have increased in many folds.

By far, among the best known early personalities hailing to this group, must be the Hindi poet Bihari And the twentieth century saw a knighted person, Sir Laxmi Pati Misra, who served at high levels with the federal government during the British rule. Kanhaiya Lal (originally from Mainpuri, U.P.) was a talented and well regarded character actor in the Hindi movies during 1940-1960's. Ashwini Chaturvedi (Holipura/Kanpur) played a key role in the development of Cricket in the state of U.P. in 1960s as one of its most successful player (batting), at a time when the talent pool in this game was dominated by players from other regions of the country.

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