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Life is really unpredictable. it always gives surprises and some times shocks too. Generally as a human being we feel bad for any bad incident or accident irrespective of whether that was connected to us or not. But seldom you feel pain for a person who was no where connected with you. It feels so personal. 

Today is one of those day, a person in Mumbai passed away I had no personal connection with him, he did not know me for even a second, our life also was not identical, his fight for success, his achievements  were far too high then I could think. But I felt like a personal loss, this was feel I had when Mr. Parikar had passed away. It really made me think, why do I feel this way?

So I thought little bit, I realized they had something which I have always admired and somehow try to practice by myself too. That is just being yourself. If I start writing down those qualities those will be like -

They were never known until they reached on top, and they were not worried about it; at least to the world where he was not present, they never made headlines when they were working their way to the success. they did not had to fight with any person, when I say fight I mean talking bad about their peers, planting stories against competitors or criticizing their work. They never looked at  any task  as beneath them, whatever came to their way, they took it as a challenge and started working on it. Through these journeys they learnt very important lessons and always shared these lessons with people, who wanted to learn. It showed their dedication towards their work. One very interesting thing was irrespective of the nature of work they had, they took it seriously and did it with passion. You take Irfan khan and pick any role he did, 5, 10, 15 or 25 minutes or whole movie, TV serial, even a very old serial on Doordarshan, Srikant (not many people might know or remember about it) he gave his 100%. He did not come back home and tried only 25% of his efforts just because it was a side role. Same is for Mr. Parrikar, from Pracharak till Defense minister of the country, each and every role he performed with same dedication. When he had to back to goa, he did not think, that  its an easier role let’s just hang around. Even when both of them knew, that life has pulled them at a corner from where, there is no return and, whatever they do, it will not bring their life back,. Nothing professionally they could do , which would bring their lives back. Still they lingered on, Irfan khan shot until 3 months before, and Mr. Parikar signed files even when on death bed. This teaches me integrity and commitment towards whatever I have to deliver.

But what attracted so many people : For both of them success was a responsibility not a right, they never thought, that success has given them right, right to cut the line, right to keep a distance with people, right to speak wrong. After every milestone, they became more humble, with each passing year chose to connect with people more. And very importantly they never changed their communication. 

I will elaborate this communication part little more because I think this was most impactful factor. When you listen to any successful actor or politician you can sense the words of success, when common man can not relate with their examples, for example if you are reading my article and I give you a theory of a physics you can understand for sure, but you cannot relate with it. This is what they kept in mind, when they spoke for public or with public. They never spoke about their cars, bungalows or what they achieved. They still mentioned their beautiful childhood memories, their struggle and day-to-day issues what common man also has. They never even left their accent; the accent, which they could have left, may be 30 years back. When a person goes to any part of world out of India and remains there for couple of weeks, he presents himself “Groomed” but despite travelling through the world and despite leaving their roots years back, they maintained that raw feel of their roots. Their communication was frank and fare, both of them never hide anything. Even the worst news of their lives. They both were first people to break this news to world. They gave us example on how one should positively take the news of biggest negative in the life. 

I am still mesmerized with a fact that one particular day Doctor comes to you and explains you that you have limited number of days, still you prepare yourself, fight your battle and remain so positive. Frankly speaking, even with this corona impact for first few days I was feeling, why should I do something when everything is about to get over. When life is about to end. For me it was not sure, but for them it was. Still they worked until last breath and kept working. 

I had to write this to come down to normal, but it never means that they could go out of my thought process any time soon. At least not in this life. They both had something common, a title which I would like to give them. “Karm-Yogi”     

And as they say you could never say good bye to the person you wanted to say most. Because you never believed they will go so soon.

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