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Holi Milan at Bangalore

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Picnic for Chaturvedi Families

Picnics are organized to have fun with all family members with all packed food arrangements by organizing committee members. Here we play games for Kids as well as for Elders such as Tambola along with talent hunt in Music. This is the time when all Old and New Chaturvedi families in Bangalore get to see and meet each other by spending their useful time. This very useful event as everyone has opportunity to know people of their age groups right from Kids to Oldies.

Kitty Parties

Young Couple have formed a Kitty Party Group who meets along with their families at one of Kitty Party Members house to have Gap-Shaps with spicy family gossips. Each family is supposed to prepare a food items suggested by Host family depending on the type menu such as North Indian cuisine to South Indian favorites to Chinese or Continental with Pastas.

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Holi Milan at Bangalore